Venkataramaniyamu – Devotional Songs on Lord Venkataswara

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It is Bhakti that gives us this peace of mind in this world. Bhakti is the process of linking the soul to God. Bhakti removes all worries and anxieties, fears, mental torments and tribulations. Lord Venkataswara is the Kula Divam, for thousands of devotees. He is called “Apada Mokulla Swami”, the Lord who helps on time. The Sastras, Puranas, Sthala Mahatyams and Alwar hymns unequivocally declare that, in the Kali Yuga, one can attain mukti, only by worshipping Venkata Nayaka or Sri Venkateswara. The benefits acquired by a piligrimage to Venkatachala are mentioned in the Rig Veda and Asthadasa Puranas. In these epics, Sri Venkateswara is described as the great bestower of boons.  One of the nine different ways of devotion is Kirtana, singing of Lord's glories. Saint Annamacharya is the first" VAGGEYAKARA", composed 32,000 Sankeertanas (devotional songs) and dedicated them to Lord Venkateswara. In his foot path, in the devotion of Lord Venkataswara, Sri. Chakalakonda Ramakantha Rao composed nearly 2000 songs on Lord Venkataswara, in a very simple telugu.

Three hundred of these songs were published as Venkataramaniyamu Part I & II. In a meeting held at Tirupati on July 22, 2001, chaired by Sri. Medasani Mohan, Chairman Annamachaya Project, TTD. The first book was inaugurated by Dr. Ramanatha Sastri on July 29, 2001. The second volume was inaguarated by  the great poet Dr. Presadaraya Kulapati.

Twenty two songs from this collection were recorded  as three CD’s, the CDS were inaguarated at Tirumala on June 21 by the EO - TTD. These songs are now available to devotees to listen and enjoy.  Venkataramaniyamu is now undertaken as a project  to spread Bhakti cult through Sankirtana, by a group of scholars.  Its objective is to spread the message of Vishnu Bhakti to the world. We have an ambitious plan to publish all the songs and record them as CD’s and  make them available for future generations. This creates the spirit of a pure and peaceful mind in the listeners and readers. The route cause for all the misery in the World is the "Mental Pollution". This could be eradicated by subtle and pure sound vibrations coupled with sublime thoughts.

Please procure the set of Venkataramaniyamu CD’s/ cassettes/ books for a small donation, for this great cause. Play in your car stereo and enjoy the sweet music of these songs and keep your mind and sole peaceful, happy and fresh in the devotion of Lord Venkataswara.


Dr. K.V.S. Aycharya                                                              A.L.N. Murthy


Devotional songs

Srivenkata Ramaniyamu CD Vol   I       Srivenkata Ramaniyamu CD Vol   II


1. Jaya Jay Gana Nayaka -  Sridhar                     1. Tapa Bhanjana mu Hari Namam - Viswanath, Sowjanya

2. Venkata Ramanamu -  Smt. Surekha Murthy   2. Korenu na madi sri - Sasikala

3. Na mida Daya Rada Narayana – Viswanath.   3. Madhuram Madhuram Hari - Ramanuja  Chari,  Sowjanya

4. Rara kana Rara - Ravali                                   4. Noppulu Tappavu - Venumadhav

5. Pavanu da venkata pati -  Sowjanya, Ravali    5. Hari Nerungani - Sirdhar

6. Adi Anthamu Leni  - Venu Madhav                   6. Sariga Ninu Stutimpa - Viswanath

7. Sri pada kamalala  - Sowjanya                         7. Ma Venkatesudu Ma - Viswanath

8. Nidurinch Ma ayya - Surekha Murthy


Srivenkata Ramaniyamu CD Vol III      Orchestra:


1. Vaddi Kasula Vada - Ramanuja Chari,  Surekha         Keyboard - Sri. Bramhanadam  Flute - Sri Datta

2. Koli Cheti Varamu - Venu Madhav                               Sitar - Panduranga   Percussions - Suresh                 

3. Idiyae mohana Rupam - Saraswathi Presad                Tabala - Jayakumar acharya & Bhaskara Rao

4. Tiyyani ni nama mane - Sasikala                                 Sound Engineer - S Jay Kumar.  

5. Jana nam Maranam - Viswanath

6. Idiyae Naruniki - Saraswathi Presad                             Studio: Sridhara's Digital Recording Studio

7. Anninta ni vina VenkaTaswara - Saraswathi  Presad                                                     Hyderabad


Commentary - Dr. KVS Acharya                                                                    Coordinator: Sri ALN Murthy   

Lyrics:  Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda


Cassetts/CD’s/ Books Are available at:


Alivelu Chakalakonda

8517 Breezewood CT # 103

WestChester OH 45069 USA.

Phone / Fax: 513-942-3119





Sri ALN Murthy, Secretary                                     Sri AV Raghu Ram

SriVenkataramaniyamu Welfare Society              SriVenkataramaniyamu Welfare Society

C/o Gramasiri, JP Nagar,                                       Sivaramanilayam, Sarada nagar

Nandirajutota PO 522 120                                      Narsipatnam 531 116

Bapatla mandalam, Guntur (Dt) AP India             Visakapatnam (dt) AP India

Phone: (086432) 24132/ 22129                               Phone: (089322) 35285 / 35785

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       In   USA                                                          In  India

Books :    5 $                                                                 Rs:   75/-

CD’s   :    8 $ each                                                         Rs:  400/ each

CD’s   :  20 $ ( 3 set)                                                      Rs: 1100

CD’s   :  28 $ ( 4 set)                                                      Rs: 1400

Cassets:  5 $ each                                                         Rs   40

Cassets:  12 ( 3 set )                                                      Rs 100

Cassets:  16 ( 4 set)                                                       Rs 130


Profile of Venkataramaniyamu Welfare Society:


Venkataramaniyamu is a non-profit organization, registered at Bapatla, formed with these three objectives:


  1. To spread Bhakti cult in all living in India and abroad, through sweet music and songs.
  2. To promote our Telugu literature, culture by encouraging Telugu scholars , singers, artists by involving them in this project.
  3. To take up some social service projects in education and training, in the form of libraries and free training centers etc, and helping poor students by way of scholarship and part time employment, and through technical libraries.


Alivelu Chakalakonda 8517 Breezewood CT # 103   WestChester  OH 45069  USA   Phone / FAX:  513-942-3119   


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