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1doota or davva pachadi
doota means when banana plant is cut u will get a tubelight like thing from the middle of the plant which is rich in fibres and even very good medicine for stones in kidneys. very tasty also. Little bit difficult but try it good for health.
29 Mar, 20151520View
2Neyyi miryalu (Ghee black pepper)
This is also good for cold and cough which should be taken with rice. Rendu muddalu chalu daggu jalubu hush kaki.
29 Mar, 20153720View
3Bachali kura ava petti pulusu
This is very delicious liquid item goes well with mudda pappu and rice.
29 Mar, 201512773View
4tomato perugu pachadi (best for Uppma)
very delicious and can use in rice also with avakaya.
29 Mar, 20153880View
5potlakai perugu pachadi
nice to taste and goes well with avakaya annam.
29 Mar, 20153767View
6vankaya menthi gunda kura
this is very delicious curry with small eggplants usually prepared by vizag and vizianagaram people specially brahmins
29 Mar, 20156130View
7stuffed bitter gourd
nice spicy bitter gourd, liked by bitter gourd lovers.
29 Mar, 20153026View
8arvi curry with green chillies and coriander
very nice if u can serve people in a party.
28 Mar, 20152393View
9Meetha Lassi
Podi dagguki , veditho vache dagguki manchi mandu. Even legs and eyes vedi chesi gunjinappudu kuda idi baga upayogapaduthundi.
28 Mar, 20152469View
10Miryala palu (Pepper milk)
Very good for cold and cough and even for throat infection and slight fever, home made medicine which i follow everytime since my marriage.
28 Mar, 20153623View

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