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1cabbage vada
This is very tasty, takes little time learnt by myself.
22 Sep, 20142031View
2vankaya menthi gunda kura
this is very delicious curry with small eggplants usually prepared by vizag and vizianagaram people specially brahmins
22 Sep, 20145526View
3Bachali kura ava petti pulusu
This is very delicious liquid item goes well with mudda pappu and rice.
22 Sep, 201411011View
4Egg plant curd chutney(vankaya perugu pachhadi)
This is also east godavari dish but made in different ways in different states of india, very tasty to eat.
22 Sep, 20141645View
5stuffed bitter gourd
nice spicy bitter gourd, liked by bitter gourd lovers.
22 Sep, 20142894View
6cabbage tomato curry
good for cholestrol and heart patients easy to prepare
22 Sep, 20144790View
7toor dal for chapathis
As i know it is maratha recipe very tasty
22 Sep, 20145280View
8Chama dumpa vepudu
IT is different fry as we won't boil these chama gadda.
22 Sep, 20144488View
9yam and spinach curry(kanda palakura kura)
this is also Andhra's east godavari curry made generally by turpu godavari jilla brahmins mostly. and very tasty.
22 Sep, 20141830View
10Miryala palu (Pepper milk)
Very good for cold and cough and even for throat infection and slight fever, home made medicine which i follow everytime since my marriage.
22 Sep, 20143154View

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