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Andhra Kitchen: All Recipes

1Masala PuriSwapna
 Masala Puri with mangoo puree in summer
2masala pakodiB.Anuradha
 its like evening snack
3atta dosasailaja rao
 tasty dosas made in a jiffy.
4Mamidipandu Pulususailaja rao
 tasty and attractive dish to go with hot rice.
5meal maker pakodasailaja rao
 A healthy and tasty snack coz soya is good suppliment of protein. This snack is suitable as a stylish starter too.
6breakfast Porridgesailaja rao
 when i was in college National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad people had taught me the basic recipe as part of NSS voluntary work.I have added ingredients to make it more healthy and energising.
7gobi manchuriyaharita
8fried ricesasikala
 fried rice
9vusirikaya avakayaharita
10Basic Split Pea Soup BaseXiong Changnian
 Buttery smooth. Serve as is or add croutons, carrots, potatoes, etc. The long process eliminates digestive issues and objectionable odors; and makes a tastier soup, too.

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