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1Kakarakaya PulusuHima Bindu KS
 My ammamma's Special
2kakarakaya pappu(Bitter Guard Dal)lakshmi
 it is very tasty and medicated good for BP Patients and clear the Blood vessels and healthy dish
3Masala Karela(Bitter Guard)Ramamani
 Surprisingly Bitter Guard is a favourite vegetable for many people.(I know many people dislikes because it tastes bitter.)Often people who likes bitterguard,are looking for a new recipe today I got a delicious recipe for you! bitterguard lovers.......
4Kakarakaya Pulusu(bitter guard soup)Surya
 This is another variety of soup mostly cook in Andhra Predesh.
5kakarakaya masala karrisiri
 tasty and very delicious food by sirisha
6Kakarakaya koora(Bitter Guard Curry)Surya
 This is one of my favourite curry. Very tasty.
7thiyya kakarakaya currykavitha
  Nice curry with this special vegitable
8Kakarakaya bellam koora.Sridevi
 Bitterguard curry with Jaggery
9Tasty and sweet bittergourd currySridevi
  A variety taste of kakarakaya
10Kakarakaya fryRani Jeetu
 Easy and tasty kakarakaya fry

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