preparation of Bandar lLaddu

By : syamala
"Bandar LaddU" is very tasty delicacy.Once Bandar or Machili patnam in Krishna district of Andhrapradesh was origin of the sweet .Now it can be made easily in your home


Besan (senagapindi) 1cup
sugar; 1 cup
Refined oil or ghee 250GMS

kaju (geedipappu) 50gm
color saffron 1grain (chitekedu)
water 1/4th cup


Take besan powder mix it with water, and make a dough and prepare chaklees (karappusa) .

Grind the karappusa in the
mixie ,until it becomes fine powder. Keep the powder aside .

Take sugar, a little water (1/4thcup )saffron and boil it to make a thick syrup .

You can check the required
consistency of the syrup ,by testing it with a drop of it in cold
water to see if it solidifies (vunda pakam).Remove the syrup
add the karappusa powder already made,mix it thorougly
See that no hard lumps are there.

Take the kajus and fry them in ghee Grind the elachi pieces to
a fine powder.Add these to the above mixture and make Laddoos,adding little bit milk


Other Information:

Qty:10 medium
Storage Time & Location:15days
Category:Sweets - Vegitarian

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