Kandi Pachadi

By : anamika95
Telugu vaariki, Gunturu vaariki, AVAKAYA taruvatha priyamayinadi.


Kandipappu -- 1 cup,
Dry Mirch -- 8 pcs,
Tamarind -- 1/2 of the Indian Lemon Size,
Garlic -- 3 pods,
Inguva -- a pinch (Asafatodia),
Jeera&Aavaalu-- 1/4 tsp. each,
Salt -- enough for your taste and
Ghee -- 2 tsp.


First, take a thick pan or kadai, put 2 tsp. of Ghee, let it heat and fry toordall in it -- take out from the pan and let it cool. Heat some oil, put the musturd seeds and let them splatter. Then fry the dry mirch.

In the blender/mixi, grind the dry mirch& aavaalu first. Add kandipappu to it. Then add tamarind, salt, garlic, inguva and jeera. After grinding for 1 or 2 minutes, add some water and grind to make your desired consistency.(some like it two smooth and some like it little corse.)

Enjoy it with hot rice and ghee.

Small Tip: If you like too spicy food -- mix a 1/2 spoon of (Priya) Avakaya with your kandi pachadi annam. You will never forget the taste.


Other Information:

Qty:nearly 8
Storage Time & Location:2-3 days
Category:Chutnies - Vegitarian

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