Delhi's Dal Makhni (Dal makhni in Delhi style)

By : Lata Sunder
A rich side dish with roti & poori


1 Cup whole Black gram
1 cup whole Maroor gram
1/2 cup kidney beans (Rajmah)
2 medium sized onion
2 medium sized tomato
1 inch ginger
5-6 garlic pods
2-3 bayleaf (tejpatta)
1/2 tsp nutmeg pdr (jaiphal)
2 stic cinnamon (dalchini)
1 tsp red chilli pdr
2 tsp dhania pdr
1/2 cup cream
1 cup milk (boiled)
2 green chilli
50 gms amul butter
7-8 cashewnuts (optional)
2 tbsp oil or ghee
1 tsp jeera
salt to taste


Soak the grams & kidney beans for 6-7 hrs.pressure cook it for 10 min & simmer it for 10 mins.
Keep it aside.

chop all the vegetables very finely. Put oil in a pan add jeera,tejpatta, cinnamon,ginger,garlic, green chilli, onion then tomato.

Please put all the vegetables in the above order and keep some time between the vegetables so the all cooks well.

Fry all the cooked stuff oil leaves the pan, add chilli powder,nutmeg powder and dhania powder.Fry for one more min.

Blend cooked grams& cashewnuts(for 30 sec) in mixie.

Add the grinded paste & rest of the cooked grams to the gravey prepared.Add salt.

cook for a min then add milt 7 bring it to boil add cream. after one min. put off the stove. Garnish it with cilantro(kotmeru)and butter.

Yummy & delicious dal makhni is ready to vanish.


Other Information:

Qty:4-5 servings
Storage Time & Location:can be eaten hot only
Category:Dals - Vegitarian

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