appadala pindi

By : anuradha,avatapalli
it's not difficult. try and enjoy.


1/4kg. uraddal,
100grs.redchilli powder,
1-1/2cup oil,
salt as per taste.


warm dal without oil in a kadai(just to get warm),
grind into a smooth powder.take into the kadai add all other ingrediants expect oil.

add water mix it into a rough dough.

knead it thoroughly by adding a little oil each need to knead it very well until all the oil absorbed.

make small balls. eat with hot rice and ghee.

you can make the powder and mix all other ingrediants expect oil.

eat like kandipodi with hot rice and gingly oil(nuvvulanoone).


Other Information:

Qty:10 sevings
Storage Time & Location:1 week
Category:Powders - Vegitarian

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