drumstick(mulakkada) patoli koora

By : anuradha,avatapalli
different variety dish with drumstick(mulakkada).try and enjoy the taste


drumsticks(mulakkada)-4-6, 1/2cup oil.

masala: 1/2cup chanadal(pachisenagapappu),2sps.fresh coconut,10 redchillies, 1/4sp.zeera,salt as per taste

popu/seasoning: 1/2sp.uraddal(minapappu),1/4sp.mustard(aavalu)2redchillies,1/4zeera,ingu,karepaku(curryleaves).


soak masala in water for 2hrs. grind into a paste with salt and a little water.
cut drumsticks(mulakkada) into 3"pieces and half cook with water.

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed kadai give seasoning add drumsticks(mulakkada)and grinded masala .fry very well until masala dries(podipodiga).

Other Information:

Qty:5-6 servings
Storage Time & Location:2 days.
Category:Curries - Vegitarian

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