Ginger Lemon Juice

By : Srinivas
This juice is good for Digestion,and for health Mainly Manaki aakali penchutundi


Green chillies 5-6
ginger 100 grams
Lemon juice 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Dried Grapes(Endu Draksha) 1/2 cup
Endu Karjuram(Dates) 10-12



First ginger ni match stick laa thin ga cut chesi pettukovali.
Taruvata endu draksha,endu karjuram, Chillies ni kuda cut chesi pettukovali.
Now mix all the items into a big glass and shake well,
Shake until it turns pink.

Now serve the tasty and healthy juice is ready,

See how simple,try it at your home, it really works who dont like to eat.

Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:Use Fresh
Category:Juces/Milk Shake - Vegitarian

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