Bachali kura ava petti pulusu

By : sathyakala annapurna saripella
This is very delicious liquid item goes well with mudda pappu and rice.


bachali kura - 1 katta
curry leaves - 1 rebba
green chilli - 3 nos.
for paste:
mustard - 2 table spoons
sesame seeds - 2 table spoons
tamarind - 50 gms(soaked in water)
rice - 1 table spoon (soaked in water)
salt, turmeric powder,
asofoetida, mustardseeds, jeera and red chillies for thadka(popu)


Clean bachali kura and cut it nicely add green chilli, little turmeric and water and cook in pressure cooker and keep it aside.
Take mustard, sesame seeds, tamarind and rice into a mixie jar and make it into nice paste.

take a vessel put little oil add thadka and cooked bachali kura when it boils add the pasteof mustard seeds and little water and let it cook nicely for more than 15 minutes so that the paste is cooked nicely.

serve with hot rice and mudda pappu.

Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:3 days
Category:Sambar/Rasam - Vegitarian

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