Poornam Boorelu

By : Hima Bindu KS
Treditional sweet


Urad dal - 150 Gms
Rice - 300 Gms
Oil - for deep fry

Raw chanadal - 500 Gms
Jaggery - 250 Gms
Ilachi - 4-5



Soak the urad dal and Rice minimum 5 hours and grind them like dosa batter, kept it a side.

half cook the chanadal, leve them for cool, grind it and add jaggery and ilachi powder. now make the stuff like medium size balls.

Heat the oil, take the balls one by one and pour it on (Dosa) batter then put it in oil, fry them till they turn golden brown colour.

Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:2 days
Category:Sweets - Vegitarian

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