By : satya sita
It is very easy to make.It takes 25 to 30 minutes. we can mix it with Rice.


Bottle gaurd-10 pieces
Sweet potato-8 pieces
lady finger-1(cut 3 pieces)

brinjal-1(cut 4 pieces)
Green chillies-4 pieces
Tamarindpaste-2 spoons
Salt-sufficient amount-1 to 11/2 spoon
Jagari-6 spoons
turmeric-2 pinches
rice flour-11/2 spoon
mustered seeds-2 spoons
fenugreek seeds-1 spoon
red chillies-2
oil-2 spoons
lG inguva-2 pinches


Take on bowl pour water and place all the vegetable items like bottle gaurd, brinjal,sweet potato,lady finger,green chillies.The items must dip in the water sufficiently.Boil can use pressure cooker or any vessel for this process.
After boiling take another bowl in that add tamarind paste, salt , turmeric, jagari as mentioned.
after 5 minute now add (rice flour with small amount of water)
pour this to above put talimpu in seperate that pour oil, mustered seeds, fenu greek seeds, redchillies, lg till it becomes reddish brown.
place them in to pulusu.
Now the Mukkala pulusu is ready.

Other Information:

Qty:4 to 5 people
Storage Time & Location:2 days
Category:Rice - Vegitarian

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