Pacchi mirapakaya karam

By : Radha Pingali
Good with rice. Krishna district special!


Green chillies : 200 gms
Kothimeera : 1 bunch(100 gms)
Chintha pandu : 1 big lemon size (soaked in hot water)
Oil : 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
For popu:
Avalu : 1 tsp
Menthulu : 1 tsp
Jeela karra : 1 tsp
Inguva :1 pinch


Heat oil in a pan and cook green chillies until soft. Remove from the stove and add kothimera to the hot chillies. Keep it aside to cool. Grind coarsely the cooked chillies, soaked tamrind, oil fried popu and salt.
Add water if necessary to make it smooth.
Use oil and salt liberally. Finaly add smile and enjoy.

Tip: This chutney goes very well with tiffins when sugar and milk are added and made loose.

Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:upto a month if refregirated
Category:Chutnies - Vegitarian

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