Sorakaya kofta

By : Sridevi
A gravy curry suitable for Biryanis and Puris.


Sorakaya 150-200gms
Besan100 gms
Gingergarlic paste,
For the gravy:-
Groundnuts 3 spoons,
Chickpeas 2 spoons,
Til 1 spoon,
1/2 Dhaniya,
Pinch of garam masala,
Fresh coconut(optional)
Lemon size tamarind,
Red chilli powder,
Corriander leaves,
Cream (malai),
butter ,


Peel Sorakaya and grate it and keep aside. Squueze water from the grated sorakaya.

Take besan and add the gingergarlic paste and greenchilli paste and make a dough adding little water taken from the grated sorakaya. Immediately start preparing small balls (koftas) out of this dough becasue gradually Sorakaya tends to give away water and teh dough will become too soft to make koftas. Take oil in a pan and deep fry these koftas till they become golden brown , crispy and as usual put them on tissue to remove the excess oil.

Grate Onions and keep aside.

For the gravy fry all those ingredients in little oil and grind them together. U can add left over water from sqeezed Sorakaya and onions to make a fine paste.

Now take and broad whole bottommed pan ( here the koftas should set properly) and add oil and prepare the sesoning. Can add curry leaves and corriander leaves here. Later u can add the grinded paste and the tamarind pupl and mix well. Add little redchillipowder cover it with a lid and and boil for 10 mins on medium flame. Now see if water is enough to see the gravy else add some. This point add all teh koftas and fry in this gravy till the koftas and soaked probabaly for 5 mins. Just keep on shaking the hwole pan. DONOT MIX KOFTAS WITH SPATULA IT MAY BREAK THE KOFTAS AND SPOIL THE WHOLE CURRY. The curry is ready now u can add little coconut powder and malai on top for that rich taste.

A very good food for parties.


Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:fresh
Category:Curries - Vegitarian

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