thiyya kakarakaya curry

By : kavitha
Nice curry with this special vegitable


kakarakaya - 500grams
milk - 3 cups
sugar - 4 tbspoons
red chilli powder - 2 tbspoons
salt - to taste
oil - 4 tbspoons
zeera - 1/4 tbspoon
mustard seeds - 1/4 tbspoons
chopped onions - 2tbspoons


cut kakarakaya into small pieces and boil them in milk.put the pan on flame add oil to it.

after heating the oil add zeera,mustard ,onions and also add kakarakaya pieces(remove from milk and add)fry them for 5 min.

after that add red chill powder,salt and sugar.

keep it for 5 min and remove from is very good to taste.


Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:2 days
Category:Curries - Vegitarian

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