Vankaya Kothimeera Karam Kura

By : Pavan Kumar Peri
A Perfect Andhra special dish liked by every one ........... Tastes yummy and ................ Just try and eat ........!!!


1/2 Kg --- Brinjals
10-12 green chillies
6-8 Corriender Sticks (Kothimeera Katalu)
Sufficient Tamarind Juice
Sufficient Salt
Oil according to requirements


Wash the brinjals and cut them into pieces according to your taste and style.
Now heat the frying pan (Bandali) and put sufficient oil in it. Now put all these brinjal pieces into a frying pan and cover the pan with a lid and pour some water on the top of the lid so that those brinjal pieces gets boiled. Frequently check those brinjal pieces so that it wont stick to the walls of the pan. Boil those pieces till it gets smoother. (vudikinantha varaku vunchande).

In the mean time cut those corriender sticks into pieces and grind along with the green chillies. Make this combination like a Paste. At the same time prepare tamarind juice. (Chintapandu Rasam).

Now put the Corriender and green chilly paste in the pan where brinjal pieces are boiling. Now add the salt according to the requirements and pour the tamarind juice into the pan. If possible try to add some oil in it for good taste and look.

Boil the complete stuff for around 5-10 minutes so that you dont loose the juice much.(Ante Kura dry avakunda chudali).

Finally for look just add some corriender leaves on the top of the curry.

That's it. Serve and eat.


Other Information:

Storage Time & Location:One Day
Category:Curries - Vegitarian

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